The Reasons for Growing Property Demand in Trichy

The article highlights the growing job opportunities in Trichy, especially with regard to the development of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing firms. It also outlines some of the reasons behind professionals migrating to Trichy, increased demand for home and rising property prices in the city.


In the recent years, Trichy has managed to consolidate its position as the Energy Equipment and Fabrication Capital of India. The number of manufacturing units that produce heavy engineering equipment has increased in Trichy.


The manufacturing sector plays an important role in the economic growth of a nation. In Trichy, heavy industries have a marked presence. One of the most recognized industries of this region are the manufacturing units of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), the largest public sector engineering company in India. Over the past few years, many more heavy engineering equipment manufacturing companies have opened factories and manufacturing units in Trichy. Some of the essential features of Trichy with regard to the growing migrant population, job opportunities and property prices have been discussed below.


This has increased job opportunities in Trichy and has also resulted in a rise in demand for properties in Trichy.


All about Trichy as a Growing Industrial Region


Increased Migrant Population: Trichy has seen an influx of professionals from other parts of the country in search of better job opportunities. As Trichy promotes the growth of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing firms, it automatically creates more job opportunities for young professionals and engineers. The growing job opportunities have subsequently resulted in higher earnings for professionals living in Trichy.


Property Prices: With the growth in the overall earning of individuals living in Trichy, the property prices in the region have also increased. The properties for sale in Trichy have become more profitable for the realtors, with the increased valuation. Moreover, an increasing number of realtors are developing apartment complexes in Trichy to meet the growing demand for high end flats and houses.



Thriving IT Sector: In addition to the growth in the manufacturing sector, Trichy has also witnessed the development of the Information Technology sector. The ELCOT IT Park, which is the first IT Park of the city was commissioned by the government to be built and opened its doors to IT firms in December 2010. As a result, an increasing number of IT professionals are migrating to Trichy. This has increased the demand for homes in the city.


Outstanding Expertise: For more than a decade, the industries located in Trichy have been manufacturing wide range of boilers and boiler components, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, heat recovery systems, desalination, water treatment equipment, wind mill, earth moving and other such heavy engineering equipment.


Thus, the professionals who have worked in the industries in Trichy are much sought after for their expertise in the heavy engineering equipment manufacturing sector.


Thus, over the past years, Trichy has not only established itself as a thriving region for the development of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing units, but also as an upcoming IT sector. As the city thrives, there is an increase in the number of job opportunities and hence, Trichy has progressively become attractive for professionals looking for better career options. All these factors have resulted in the growing demand for properties in Trichy. There are many options available for those who’re looking for comfortable apartments in this city.