What can you expect in the residential apartments in Porur, Chennai?

Chennai is one of the most favoured destinations in the south India, especially when it comes to investing in residential properties. This article mentions the features homebuyers can expect  in the

Chennai, owing to many favourable factors, is being considered by people who are interested in investing in residential properties. There are many localities in the city which offer world-class amenities to the residents. As far as the location is concerned - residential apartments in Porur Chennai has some special amenities for the residents. People prefer this location owing to great connectivity, affordability, and many other benefits.


Let us have a look at the facilities which homebuyers or investors can expected if they buy a 2 or 3 bhk flats in Porur:



Everything for health freaks and sports lovers:


If you are a sports lover or a gym freak, then this place has everything for you. Be it a gym with every superior quality of equipment or a well-maintained sports ground for games, everything is present at the residential apartments located in the Porur area. There are various play areas for kids as well. These areas are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor games.


Multipurpose halls:

Be it your birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding reception or any other celebration, you need not waste your time searching for a place which is vacant on the specific date for the merriment. These apartments have dedicated multipurpose halls which can be used by the residents for any kind of public gathering or even small family functions.


Jogging track and lush green parks:

Living healthily and breathing fresh air is easy at residential apartments in Chennai in Porur. The jogging tracks and lots of greenery around are something which motivate everyone around to stay fit. The environment around helps residents stay active and fit which ultimately has a positive impact on health. Also, staying in such areas proves to be a stress buster for professionals.



Delicious food is something which makes everyone happy. And getting this in a restaurant located so near to your apartment is like a cherry on the top. One gets to feed himself/herself as and when the cravings for the food arise. Also, the quality of the food is awesome at such renowned restaurants because of the frequent quality checks, which are made at regular intervals.



No more worries to take out your cars and go out to buy the daily requirement goods. The supermarket near your residence is the place which can serve all your requirements. So, all you need to do is just walk and buy the stuff which is required. Even your kids can walk down to get the basic stuff easily.

Thus, it is advisable to look out for these amenities when you look for properties in Porur. There are a few real estate developers which provide these as well as many additional amenities to their residents at extremely affordable prices.  


Points to Ponder Before Investing in a Residential Apartment in Porur


Housing is one of the basic requirements, finding which might leave you exhausted and perplexed many a times. But you are always ready to bear that harsh pain to get those long-term gains. You understand that a house is something which is the ultimate place to relax. But it is always better to look before you leap. Here are some of the essential points of consideration which need your attention before you set out on a hunt to find the right residential apartment of your choice in Porur:

Choose your location wisely

Are to becoming prone to headache due to the location? Are you finding it difficult to cover those miles from your office to home? Do you feel scared of the never-ending traffic which is waiting for you every morning? If that is the case, you need to gear up and do a little more homework before you start to find a suitable place of your own within the budget flats for sale in Chennai.

What exactly should you look for in a location is the most sought-after question. Well, it should be convenient – that conveys and covers almost everything ranging from the traveling time from the place (apartment) to your workplace, accessibility to the facilities and relevant services. Other than that, probably for many of us, the views from the location also matter.  

Think twice about the surrounding environment

Of course, you understand Eco-friendly environment is suited but by this, we mean about the extra factors which add to the noise factor of the healthy or natural environment. Let us assume you are choosing a residential apartment in Porur, so you should act smart and never hesitate in doing a survey of the party environment or the kinds of families residing in the locality. Choose the atmosphere which doesn't want any modulations at your part instead you and the environment feel made for each other.

Apart from the Eco-friendly environment it is the environment around your house which also matters. If you are a person who loves loud music and prefer a location of that type you need to observe the place minutely and choose the preferred location. For peace-loving creatures a place with more families rather than students will work well. So consider these points while choosing a residential apartment in Porur.
Amenities do matter!

There is a long list of budget flats for sale in Chennai but you cannot just put your pen to paper for any one of them; try to choose the place which has the amenities that you need. These include gymnasium, aerobics room, indoor games area, children’s park, multipurpose hall, garden area, jogging tracks, power backup for shared areas, efficient and working lifts to reach up to every block, presence of association’s office, and most importantly a supermarket which can meet all your basic needs. So do not just choose a random place because it is going to be your “home”, the amenities around it are equally important.

Safety should be the prime concern

Be it a residential apartment in Porur or any business location at some metro city, one thing which everyone is concerned about nowadays is the security of the place, people, and the property. One should be vigilant enough while checking the locking systems and types of windows in a house. Also, due thought should be given to the presence of fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency exits etc.  

So, keep these factors in mind at the time of searching, to choose the best house in Porur which suits your lifestyle without burning a hole in your pocket.

4 Essential Criteria to Help You Get a Good Property Deal


Investing in real estate can be a great way to grow your money over the long haul. Unlike the stock market, putting your money in the realty industry is quite safe. Buying a residential property would be a great choice if you wish to have a low-risk and secured investment which has a good potential in the long run.


An ideal real estate property is the one which offers a capital appreciation of at least 5-8 percent per annum. So, if you are planning to buy a property to fetch good returns, then you should concentrate on the location of the property. This is because; in real estate, the return on investment is directly proportionate to the locality where the property is. Hence, investing in 3 BHK apartments in Porur can be a great decision, as it is among the top 5 residential localities in Chennai.



Porur is one of the fast emerging places of Chennai and houses many chemical industries and manufacturing plants. Moreover, the wide roads in the area connect the city well to the neighbouring suburbs. But still you need to consider certain pointers at the time of property investment which is as follows:



1. The property should have easy access to the public transport

When looking at apartments for sale in Porur, make sure the property is well-connected to all means of public transport. Everyone has to travel daily for accomplishing different needs and not all of them can afford higher petrol expenses on a daily basis. Hence, it is always ideal if the property provides good connectivity to public transport. This becomes even more important as more and more people prefer to take public transport like metros to dodge the heavy traffic on road.

2. Availability of schools and hospitals nearby

Before investing in a residential property, always check the availability of hospitals & schools in the area. These are some of the basic facilities which one looks for when buying a property. It will make your life easy if you have children or during emergencies.

3. The property should have world-class facilities for value addition

Make sure the residential apartment you are investing in Porur has state-of-the-art facilities in the vicinity. This will add a great value to the worth of your property. For instance, having a shopping complex, multiplex and other facilities like play areas, swimming pool, will definitely increase the value of your investment. In case the property does not have such facilities nearby, invest in a locality that has a scope of the expansion plan.
4. Has scope for business & companies

It’s good to invest in a property from where your office is located minutes away. Look for localities where large companies are relocating or already exist. If this happens, the value of both commercial and residential real estate in the area will definitely rise in the coming years.

These are just 4 basic things you need to take into account at the time of making a property decision. However, you should also consider other relevant criteria prior to finalizing the deal.

Source: http://www.ishahomes.com

Why Invest in Properties in OMR, Chennai?


It is said that, due to the proximity of the IT companies in OMR, Chennai, it is becoming one of the most sought after places for real estate investment. Tidel Park, which is considered to be the hub of IT companies, has made many people consider OMR as a good place to reside. Another very big advantage of staying in OMR is that it has very good connectivity with the other parts of the city. There are many advantages of staying in OMR, Chennai as a result of which more and more people are investing in Chennai real estate.

If you too have been planning to invest a property in this area here is a list of benefits that you can avail when you buy property at OMR:



Presence of beautiful and calm landscapes:  OMR, Chennai is a pollution free place. It has less traffic and is full of trees and fresh air. It is an ecofriendly place to stay in. This is one major reason for many builders to come up with new real estate projects here. Apart from normal apartments, there are also many villas for sale in OMR.


Good infrastructural development: The government of Chennai has paid special emphasis on the infrastructural development of this place. The water and the sewage connection here, has highly improved and there are also many projects in the pipeline, which once completed, will make OMR, a very attractive destination to stay in.

Good connectivity with the other parts of the city: There are a lot of big multinational firms as well as plenty of IT companies which have opened up their offices around the Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai. Chennai airport is just minutes’ drive from this place and the Tidel Park is just 20 minutes away from this place. The bus and the rail services here are also very good and this serves as an added boost to the connectivity of this place. Apart from this, there are also a lot of reputed schools, colleges and hospitals which has made OMR, a very attractive destination for real estate investment.


Although the benefits of investing in property in this region are many, it is very important to keep in mind that ,all such facilities can be availed only when you purchase the property from reputed builders who are coming up with state-of-the-art living spaces. There are properties of all price ranges and with lot of amenities. If you want to invest in high end real estate projects like those offering luxury villas in OMR, you must always go ahead with projects being developed by reputed realtors.

When you buy a property at OMR, it is very important for you to check if all the property papers are in place. A good builder will ensure that all the papers are in order so that you do not have to face any hassles at a later stage. So if you are planning to buy an apartment or a villa in OMR, make sure that you approach the best builders here. This will help you in getting a very good property at an affordable rate. If invested wisely, you will not only be able to get a property with all the modern facilities but also get a high return on your investment in case you plan to sell it later.

Source: http://www.ishahomes.com

4 Important Factors for Investing in Real Estate Market


While a lot of people purchase residential property for end usage, there are many who buy an apartment from an investment point of view. The real estate sector in India is witnessing steady growth and the price of a property is expected to rise over the years, making it the right time for property investment. Here are some of the factors one must consider when investing in a residential property in Porur, a fast developing suburb of Chennai.


Location of the property

Most of us might have heard the age old punch line "location, location, location", which continues to be a significant factor in real estate investment. To invest in 3 BHK apartments in Porur, look for features like proximity to amenities, neighborhood status, peaceful conforming areas, etc.

In case the property is located in a developing or under-developed society, take a mid-to-long-term view about how the locality and how it might evolve in the coming years. For instance, a peaceful open land in the society may have to share the neighborhood with a noisy manufacturing unit, resulting in the downfall of property rates in future. Hence, it is recommended to thoroughly check the intended usage of neighboring areas and free land in the locality.


Valuation of the property


Prior to investing in the property, conduct a valuation of the property based on the following methodologies:


a) Sales comparison approach – It is important to compare the listing price of the property during the sale. Just make sure the properties you compare must be of similar characteristics, offering facilities alike.

b) Cost approach – This approach is suitable for newly constructed property and includes all cost summation minus depreciation.

c) Income approach – If the property is purchased with an idea to rent, then this approach must be followed. It can be calculated based on the expected cash inflow



Investment Purpose

Buying a property is a big investment and so you must be clear of the purpose of investing. Lack of clarity, on the other hand, may lead to unexpected results including financial distress.

Listed below are some categories that may suit your purpose:


a) Buy & Self-use – A lot of people invest in 3 BHK flats in Porur for self-utilization. Owing to this, the property rates may appreciate with time.

b) Buy & Lease – Putting your property on lease means regular rental income and long-term value appreciation.

c) Buy & Sell (short-term) - Buying under construction properties and selling once they are ready can get you quick and small to mediocre profit.

d) Buy & Sell (Long-term) – Buying and then selling the property after a long-term can get you large intrinsic value appreciation. It is a nice investment for long-term aims like child’s education, retirement planning, etc.



Be careful with leverage and know the pitfalls

Though home loans are a convenient financing option for purchasing 3 BHK flats in Porur, it comes at a big cost. To get the finances today, you commit your future income for a cost of interest spread across many years.

Consider your current and expected future earnings and paying capability before seeking the loan. Hunt around to get a better deal. Make sure you choose the type of mortgage loan that best fits your requirements and financial status. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and be aware of all miscellaneous charges levied by financiers. Ignoring the risks, on the other hand, can lead to major pitfalls.

Why You Should Invest in a Home in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is a small yet beautiful and peaceful city which has become a great place to purchase a new flat, villa or even a property. Real estate is always a great place to invest your money in. You always get a high return.
With many residential flats for sale in Coimbatore, you won’t have a problem with finding the one that suits you. Moreover, top realtors are investing in building residential complexes in Coimbatore because it is a safe city and people are choosing it to buy a new home instead of other major cities.

Coimbatore Becomes a Real Estate Favorite

You can now buy flat in Coimbatore without worrying about the neighborhood and other problems because the top real estate companies that are investing in building a residential property, apartment or flat in Coimbatore are taking care of the safety of it. From video surveillance to electric fences, they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their potential customers feel extremely safe in their new flats.


You can either buy an apartment in Coimbatore or go for villas which will be built in the safe areas of Coimbatore like Sowripalayam. With the increase in the development of the city and great infrastructure, many posh areas are witnessing a growth in the number of apartments that they have now. Not only posh villas but many realtors are building affordable apartments in various places in the city including Seerapalayam.

A city like Coimbatore which is considered very peaceful compared to other cities in South India is slowly becoming a retirement destination. This is the reason why you will find apartments of 2 BHK and more in the city quite easily.

Young Settlers in the city

With the growth in the IT sector and other industries in the city, there is a surge in the number of affordable apartments that are being built in this city. Many young professionals have moved to this city in recent years. When you go house hunting in Coimbatore, always do your research on which realtor is known to build the most comfortable and safe apartments. This will help you get an idea whether you will be investing your money in a safe apartment or not.


Also, Coimbatore is known for its greenery that thrives due to good monsoon season in the city and also for the tranquil environment. The city is conducive to the peaceful living because it has a very calm and peaceful environment. People are always polite and ready to help. Also, the public transport system of the city makes it easy to commute from one place to another. The city has good schools, hospitals, and shopping centers as well.

So, if you have been looking for a peaceful city to settle with your family or retire with, then Coimbatore is the best option. With many upcoming residential projects and some which have been already completed, you will able to purchase both big and small apartments as well as villas at affordable rates in this city.

The Reasons for Growing Property Demand in Trichy

The article highlights the growing job opportunities in Trichy, especially with regard to the development of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing firms. It also outlines some of the reasons behind professionals migrating to Trichy, increased demand for home and rising property prices in the city.


In the recent years, Trichy has managed to consolidate its position as the Energy Equipment and Fabrication Capital of India. The number of manufacturing units that produce heavy engineering equipment has increased in Trichy.


The manufacturing sector plays an important role in the economic growth of a nation. In Trichy, heavy industries have a marked presence. One of the most recognized industries of this region are the manufacturing units of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), the largest public sector engineering company in India. Over the past few years, many more heavy engineering equipment manufacturing companies have opened factories and manufacturing units in Trichy. Some of the essential features of Trichy with regard to the growing migrant population, job opportunities and property prices have been discussed below.


This has increased job opportunities in Trichy and has also resulted in a rise in demand for properties in Trichy.


All about Trichy as a Growing Industrial Region


Increased Migrant Population: Trichy has seen an influx of professionals from other parts of the country in search of better job opportunities. As Trichy promotes the growth of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing firms, it automatically creates more job opportunities for young professionals and engineers. The growing job opportunities have subsequently resulted in higher earnings for professionals living in Trichy.


Property Prices: With the growth in the overall earning of individuals living in Trichy, the property prices in the region have also increased. The properties for sale in Trichy have become more profitable for the realtors, with the increased valuation. Moreover, an increasing number of realtors are developing apartment complexes in Trichy to meet the growing demand for high end flats and houses.



Thriving IT Sector: In addition to the growth in the manufacturing sector, Trichy has also witnessed the development of the Information Technology sector. The ELCOT IT Park, which is the first IT Park of the city was commissioned by the government to be built and opened its doors to IT firms in December 2010. As a result, an increasing number of IT professionals are migrating to Trichy. This has increased the demand for homes in the city.


Outstanding Expertise: For more than a decade, the industries located in Trichy have been manufacturing wide range of boilers and boiler components, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, heat recovery systems, desalination, water treatment equipment, wind mill, earth moving and other such heavy engineering equipment.


Thus, the professionals who have worked in the industries in Trichy are much sought after for their expertise in the heavy engineering equipment manufacturing sector.


Thus, over the past years, Trichy has not only established itself as a thriving region for the development of heavy engineering equipment manufacturing units, but also as an upcoming IT sector. As the city thrives, there is an increase in the number of job opportunities and hence, Trichy has progressively become attractive for professionals looking for better career options. All these factors have resulted in the growing demand for properties in Trichy. There are many options available for those who’re looking for comfortable apartments in this city.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Property in Porur?

For individuals looking to purchase luxury homes in Chennai, buying property in the suburban areas is a good option. The primary reason behind this is that the price of flats in suburban areas are lower than in the main city. In this article, some of the benefits of purchasing apartments in Porur have been discussed.


If you want to purchase a luxury apartment, you should be prepared to make a huge investment. As luxury apartments are equipped with world-class specifications, they are quite expensive. When you buy a luxury apartment, you not just pay for the apartment but also for the amenities and facilities. Nevertheless, if you are keen on purchasing a luxury apartment within a reasonable price range, then consider buying a flat in the suburban areas of a modern city. In Chennai, for example, Porur is one of the fast-developing suburbs where you can buy a luxury apartment.


Why Purchase a Property in a Suburban Area like Porur?


  • Buying properties at Porur will make it easier for you to realize your dream of owning a comfortable home in Chennai. Chennai is a large metropolitan city and is also a major industrial hub. Therefore, the demand for properties in the city is quite high. Some of the advantages of purchasing property in suburban areas are as follows:


  • Reasonable Pricing: Despite the fact that you will be purchasing a luxury flat, the cost of it will be quite reasonable. Many people who can’t afford to purchase a luxury apartment in the main city can easily purchase an apartment in the suburbs.
  • Eco friendly Homes: Most of the residential projects in Porur and other suburban areas offer eco-friendly properties. Here, the facilities such as rainwater harvesting, landscaped gardens, sustainable energy sources and other such facilities are provided to make the property opulent and at the same time eco-friendly.
  • Standalone Homes: If you want to invest in villas, which are actually standalone homes being developed within a particular region, then too suburban areas like Porur are a good option.


Additional Facilities: Living in luxury apartments mean enjoying a wide range of facilities. The area surrounding the apartment complexes is usually covered in landscaped gardens. The building complex and the individual apartments are fitted with the latest security system. You can also enjoy amenities such as swimming pools, fully equipped gymnasium, children’s play area and other such facilities. Thus, a luxury apartment complex ensures comfortable living for all of its residents.


Hence, if you are looking to purchasing an apartment that provides a luxurious living experience but is quite affordable, then consider purchasing a flat in the suburban areas. However, before purchasing a flat, it is essential to get the property papers vetted by a recognized civil lawyer. Once you are satisfied will all the amenities available in the apartment complex and the legitimacy of the transaction, you can consider purchasing the flat.


When it comes to buying a comfortable home in Porur, there is no shortage of options for you. In recent years, a lot of development has taken place in Porur. Many real estate developers have launched residential projects that offer a wide range of luxury apartments to people. You can easily choose a reliable developer and buy the home of your dreams.



Why You Should Buy an Apartment in Chennai?

As the job opportunities continue to rise in Chennai, the demand for apartments in the city has also gone up. According to the industry experts, the demand for apartments is expected to rise further in the coming months.

As there is an influx of high-earning individuals in this region of Tamil Nadu, the demand for luxury residential apartments has also increased.


How to Purchase an Apartment in Chennai?


If you are looking for Chennai apartment sale then discuss your requirements with a realtor. You can consider purchasing a ready to move flat or even an under construction apartment. Real estate development firms acquire the rights to build residential complexes in a particular region. The brand value of a real estate development firm is an assurance of the authenticity and legality of the apartment. Thus, if you purchase a flat from a recognized realtor, you can be assured that you are making a good investment. The flat will produce good returns if in future you wish to sell or rent out the apartment.


Advantages of Living in an Apartment


There are many unique advantages of buying an apartment in Chennai. If you purchase a flat in a luxury apartment complex, you can be assured of an excellent security system, not only for the entire complex but also for the individual apartments. Moreover, living in an apartment makes it easier for you to enjoy modern amenities and facilities. There are many good localities where you can find all types of apartments at affordable prices.

Isha Homes is a renowned real estate developer with major investments in Chennai and its surrounding regions. The company is recognized for its exclusive apartment complexes that meet the highest of standards.

Why you should consider buying a home in Coimbatore?

In recent years, Coimbatore has emerged as one of the most popular real estate destinations in India. With its excellent infrastructure and affordable property prices, Coimbatore attracts a large number of home buyers. There are many choices available to those who’re looking for apartments in Coimbatore.




Located on the banks of Noyyal River, Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu. Over the past few years, Coimbatore has emerged as one of the fastest growing real estate destinations in India. Many residential projects have come up in the city that offer quality housing to the residents. There is a huge demand for residential and commercial properties in the city.


What makes Coimbatore an Attractive Real Estate Destination?


Here are some of the factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of Coimbatore as a real estate destination-


1.Rapidly improving Infrastructure


In recent years, a lot of infrastructure development has taken place in the city. Unlike Chennai and Bangalore, Coimbatore has a more laid-back appeal. There are plans to build wider roads and construct more flyovers to ease traffic congestion. Electricity and water supply has also improved considerably in the city. The city has a good transportation system in place. In addition, the developers have constructed many budget flats in Coimbatore to meet the growing housing demand.


2.Talent Pool


When it comes to the jobs, Coimbatore is fast emerging as a serious competitor to Bangalore and Chennai. The number of IT companies in the city has increased considerably. As Coimbatore has many reputed engineering colleges, skilled workforce is easily available in the city. This is one of the key factors that have attracted more companies to the city. An increase in job opportunities has also increased the demand for residential properties in Coimbatore.


3.Proximity to Big Cities


Coimbatore enjoys proximity to major cities like Bangalore and Chennai. It is well-connected to all parts of the country. Many people wish to make Coimbatore their home as it is easily accessible from all major cities in South India.


To meet the rising demand for homes in Coimbatore, the developers have come up with numerous residential projects that provide beautifully-designed homes to the buyers. These projects offer modern housing options to all types of home buyers. Vilankurichi Road is one of those areas in the city that have seen rapid real estate growth. There are many options available to those who’re looking for apartments for sale in Vilankurichi Road.


Velankurichi Road in Coimbatore enjoys good infrastructure and is equipped with modern amenities. It is also well connected to all major landmarks and easily accessible from the rest of the city. The new flats in Vilankurichi Road are not just affordable but also offer excellent returns on investment. Moreover, these apartments have been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of modern families. All these factors make these apartments an excellent choice for home buyers.



Equipped with excellent specifications, the new flats in Vilankurichi Road provide the most comfortable living experience to the residents. If you are looking for budget flats in Coimbatore, Vilankurichi Road is undoubtedly one of the best areas. There are many reputed developers that offer aesthetically-designed 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Vilankurichi Road and other parts of Coimbatore. Regardless of your budget, you can easily find the right home for your family in Coimbatore.

Porur as an affordable housing destination for IT Professionals

Located on the south-west outskirts of Chennai, believed to be existed since ancient Pallava times, ‘Porur’ is a popular town in Chennai, which became a part of the Chennai Metropolitan Area in 2011. Porur city has well-established residential colonies and modern infrastructural facilities which make it an ideal destination to reside and lead a comfortable, serene and relaxed life for IT professionals. It is important that you know more about Porur city, which also means ‘Place of Warfare’ in Tamil, and decide for yourself whether you should own a residential apartment in Porur or not.


Porur’s Residential Market for IT professionals


Porur’s residential market is booming, for it is said to be the next big IT hub after OMR due to upcoming three IT SEZs (Special Economic Zones). For the same reason, real estate developers in Porur ensure to make it the most preferred residential locality for IT professionals. With several 3 BHK apartments in Porur, it aims to become the next mid to high range residential locality in Chennai. Being close to IT corridors on the GST (Grand Southern Trunk Road) in Guindy, these residential projects in Porur are ideal for those working at this corridor.


Connectivity to the city


Porur city in Chennai has a seamless road network. Due to its proximity to the NH4 or Chennai-Bangalore highway, it caters to a large number of interstate travelers. The city has certain major road intersections like The Mount Poonamalle High Road that intersects with the Chennai Bypass Road and the Kodambakkam-Sriperumbudur Road, which becomes Arcot Road and leads travelers directly into the city.

IT professionals in Chennai mainly look for 3 BHK flats in Porur, as it is close to major IT parks like DLF IT Park on Mount Poonamallee (with a distance of 4-5 kilometers). With the housing demands especially for IT professionals, several real estate developers have launched ready to move in residential projects in Porur.



Major Landmarks in and around Porur


 Porur city is popular for several landmark highlights, some of which are:
•Sri Ramachandra College and Research Institute
•Ramanatha Easwarar Temple (100-year-old Shiva Temple)
•Porur Evangelical Church
•Porur Junction
 Reasons to invest in a residential apartment in Porur


There are several reasons why an IT professional will opt to invest in 3 BHK apartments in Porur. Along with having a residence at a close proximity to the work place, the other reasons are:

•Better ROI
•Adequate amenities
•Proximity to MIOT hospital
•Close to Ramachandra Medical College